The Simple Good

Brand Identity

The Simple Good is a nonprofit organization that provides art education to schools and communities suffering from violence and poverty. Partnering with local artists and education professionals, the 8-week program leads students through a path of discovery and self-expression. Training students to hold a positive mindset and to celebrate the good that connects our collective human experience.


In Chicago, gang violence has taken the lives of more than 760 people in 2016. Chicago public schools continue to struggle with debt, labor issues, and political turbulence. It’s no secret that young people living at the intersection of poverty, violence, and racial segregation are the most at-risk and disadvantaged. The Simple Good leads civic art projects and student gallery events to expose students to opportunities and communities beyond their own—improving their attitudes and beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

Ghost Lab worked with The Simple Good team to develop a visual identity that reflects its values, mission, and global perspective.

Team Members

Edwin Lee
Visual Design

David Ofori-Amoah
Design Strategy

Non-Profit // Art & Education